Area Car Sales Sets Itself Apart From Other Classified Websites

We are the best resource for any car shopper in the market for a new vehicle.

Dealerships Have An Incredible Tool On Their Hands With Area Car Sales

Build Sales

Build Sales

We help generate more first-generation leads for dealerships, which in turn helps grow sales.

Let Your Inventory Shine

Let Your Inventory Shine Through

Area Car Sales allows your stock to be the star of the show which means that the merits of your inventory are what will boost your sales.

connect directly with the public

Connect Directly With The Public

We allow you to connect with the consumer directly, no intermediaries to have to deal with like on other classified websites.

Making It Easy

Making It Easy For The Public To Find You

On average people only visit 1.2 dealerships before they make a purchase, dealers see those odds tilt in their favor when they register with us and make themselves more available to the consumer.

We're A Car Buyer's Best Friend

shopping without the stress

Shopping Without The Stress

This is the most hassle-free way to shop for a car online. No forms to fill out, no telemarketer calls, no personal information to give out. Just search, shop, and find the vehicle of your dreams.

building a direct relationship

Building A Direct Relationship

There is no middleman on our site like on so many other classified websites. We help you connect directly with dealerships and help you build a relationship with them so that the car shopping process is more comfortable and less stressful.

locate dealerships easier

Locate Dealerships Easier

Once you find the car you want, we help you find the dealership it is located at easily so that you have no issues with finding an automobile you want to drive. You will be rolling off the lot in no time.

search a wide selection of vehicles

Search A Wide Selection Of Vehicles

Through our directory of dealerships across the nation and their inventory, you can find whichever type of car you want. Pick up trucks, sedans, SUVs, used cars, certified pre-owned, etc.

Pick A Make

The Best Shopping Resource For Dealers And Buyers


No Go-Between

No reason to ever deal with a middleman like on other classified sites, buyers and sellers deal with each other directly.


Just Worry About Shopping

You don’t have to worry about disclosing sensitive information, dealing with unreliable dealerships, or being inundated with forms and telemarketers. All you have to do is search through the inventory of registered, vetted dealerships and shop for a car.


Whatever You're Looking For You'll Find It

Search a vast array of cars be it used, new, mini-van, luxury car, etc. Our directory of dealerships across the United States will ensure you always find what you’re looking for.


Inventory, The Selling Point

Registered dealerships have their stock take the spotlight which means your sales are based on the merits of your inventory and not on factors you can’t control.


Building Relationships

Sales is all about relationships and we help both parties establish transparent, fruitful relations with each other to make this ordinarily tricky process easier.


Area Car Sales Offer Dealerships An Amazing Return On Investment

Dealers that register with us generate more first-generation leads which have a closing rate of 25-40%, they have a more direct connection with the public, and they get a better chance to capitalize on consumers coming to them for the car of their dreams. Sign up with us and watch your business boom.


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